Barbeque options

Maracas Bay Tri-Tip Roast

Chicken Pelau

Curry Chicken

Curry Prawns

Charlie's Stew Fish

Barbeque options now available!


Maracas Bay Tri-Tip Roast

Tri-Tip roast marinated in a Trinidad seasoning and cooked in a wine and roast sauce

Beef Rice Pelau

Seasoned beef pressure cooked to a tender touch then cooked in a pot of cocount rice and peas

Sunday Cook-up

Stew chicken served over red beans and rice with home made macaroni pie and crab spinach

Chicken Rice Pelau

Chicken marinated in an island seasoning then slow cooked in a pot of coconut rice and peas.

Jamin Curry Chicken

Tender cuts of the feathery bird seasoned in Trini seasoning then cooked in a garlic curry sauce

Brown Sugar Stew Chicken

Tender pieces of the chicken cut to small parts (bone-in) marinated in Trinidad seasoning and cooked slowly in a brown sugar stew.

Curry Goat

Wild goat seasoned and sauteed in madra's curry then pressure cooked to tender perfection

Curry Prawns

Freshly caught jumbo prawns seasoned then slowly cooked in madra's curry

Charlie's Stew Fish

Catch of the day seasoned, lightly fried then stewed in a tomato basil and thyme sauce

Pasta Delight

Rainbow rotelli pasta seasoned in a little bit of this and a little bit of that then tossed in fire roasted tomatoes and virgin olive oil


We cater for weddings, luncheons, celebrations, parties, and corporate events.

*Live steel drums and calypso music are available upon request.


Taste of Trinidad is now offering barbeque options for all events. Please call for pricing.